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There is much evidence about the beneficial effects of playing an instrument to improve the brain's capacity for learning all sorts of things besides music. In a nutshell, it's very good for us!
However, the initial and most important gain in learning to play, comes from the sheer delight of discovering and making music.

Lessons On-line: see News Page

Piano West Wyalong

with Lucy Buttenshaw B.A., Dip. Ed., A.T.C.L.

Lucy Buttenshaw


My aim is for students to enjoy the piano and to develop the skills and confidence necessary to discover music independently.


There is the opportunity for students to try a range of music styles, to learn for a specific purpose, for pleasure, or to sit exams through the Australian Music Examinations Board (see courses below). NB. The 2020 AMEB - practical examinations are possible via video, contact Lucy for further details.

Teaching Times

Scheduled lessons coincide with the NSW (Eastern Division) school terms (See 'Term Dates' below).

NB. Lucy will also teach over the holidays with a flexible timetable to fit around holiday activities - great for continuity and help with practice!

Lessons Online

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread, all lessons are taking place on-line using Skype. After the Winter Holidays students at Tallimba School may resume tuition with Lucy at the school. When Lucy considers it is safe again, all students will be contacted and may then wish to consider lessons in the piano studio or to continue lessons on-line. Each lesson is normally half an hour, longer times can be arranged if required.

Lucy's own music sheets and learning materials are all free. Music books and exam fees are charged at cost price.

Creative Kids

As a registered provider for the Creative Kids program, you can redeem your voucher with us and create something great. If you don’t have a voucher, please visit:

Further Afield

Students moving further afield are welcome to continue piano/music study with Lucy on-line, even if you are located outside Australia or a new student you are most welcome.

Courses Available

Learning for fun or for a specific purpose

Lessons are tailored around each student’s reasons and requirements for learning.

You may want to learn for fun, to play for a specific purpose, or to study a particular style of music. We will discuss what you would like to discover and achieve through learning, then follow a plan to best suit you.

You may wish to sit exams in piano and / or one of the music theory courses – read more information about these options on this page!

P Plate Piano - AMEB

P Plate assessment is a fun non-graded examination for new pianists. The candidate presents three pieces.

The examiner gives helpful and encouraging feedback on each piece.

For young beginners, a  parent or teacher is welcome to come into the exam room for extra support!

Piano (Comprehensive) - AMEB

During lessons, students prepare material for their exams alongside music for pleasure and development.

Exam requirements:

Technical work, pieces selected from lists provided (mostly classical repertoire from Baroque to contemporary composers), general knowledge, aural and sight reading tests.

Piano for Leisure - AMEB

This Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) syllabus explores a popular repertoire including well-loved standards from the classics, jazz styles and arrangements of movie themes and popular songs.
Grades: Level 1 (Preliminary - 4th grade), Level 2 (5th - 8th grade) and Certificate of Performance.

The grades and requirements correspond with the piano comprehensive syllabus, but there is less work to prepare making these exams ideal for busy students wanting a certificate of achievement without the workload.

Theory - Musicianship - Music craft - AMEB

Written & Online exams:

The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) offers graded written examinations in three subject areas:

Theory of Music, Musicianship and Music Craft.

These subjects cover the theoretical aspects of music, complementing and enriching students' practical studies.

Term Dates

Term 2 2020

Term 2 lessons continue online only. The last lessons for Term 2 take place on Fri 3rd July 2020
Winter Holidays

Term 3 2020

Lessons continue online only (except for students at Tallimba School who can resume face to face tuition at school if they wish), Term 3 starts on Monday 20th July 2020. The last lessons for Term take place on Friday 25th September 2020
Spring Holidays

Term 4 2020

Piano/music lessons start for Term 4 on Monday 12th October 2020.
The last lessons for Term take place on Friday 18th December 2020
Summer Holidays

Term 1 2021

Piano/music lessons start for Term 1 on Wednesday 27th January 2021.
The last lessons for Term 1 take place on Thursday 1st April 2021
Autumn Holidays

Term 2 2021

Piano/music lessons start for Term 2 on Monday 27th January 2021.
The last lessons for Term 2 take place on Friday 25th April 2021
Winter Holidays

Term 3 2021

Piano/music lessons start for Term 3 on Monday 12th July 2021.
The last lessons for Term 3 take place on Friday 17th September 2021
Spring Holidays

Term 4 2021

Piano/music lessons start for Term 4 on Tuesday 5th October 2021.
The last lessons for Term 4 take place on Friday 17th December 2021
Summer Holidays

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